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Young volunteers are key contributors who offer valuable skills to projects and organisations, whilst developing personal skills and experience. Youth Panel Meetings held fortnightly at Brent Active Citizens provide young volunteers a platform to practice leadership, organisation and communication skills. The Youth Panel - which forms a part of the Creative Minds project, is a session led by young people in which they discuss and express chosen matters which are important or beneficial to them.

Dhrupti Gorsia, a Volunteer at Brent Active Citizens said “Youth panel meetings have been a great way of meeting different people and developing my self-confidence.”

Creative Minds is a project funded by Brent council, supporting young people aged 16-25 with mental health difficulties to return to education, employment, gain confidence and independence. Youth Panel meetings represent a diverse group of young people and aim to encourage inclusion, not focusing on any disadvantages. Building communication skills is a key workshop within this project, offering tools and advice on how to communicate effectively including within a group. These skills are showcased within the Youth Panel as volunteers conduct the sitting.

The young volunteers develop activities to practice engagement in the group such as ice breakers and games for getting to know each other. A facilitator for the project will be on hand to offer assistance and concludes each session with the Experiential Learning Model. The model is used to help the volunteers see how they learn and what could be different next time. The project facilitator aims to ensure they have gained a learning outcome by the end of each session, giving each young person additional tools and confidence valuable to their development.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email news@brentactivecitizens.org.uk or telephone 07760 758638.
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